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By L. Frank Baum
Author of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, The Boy Fortune Hunters in the Yucatan, Daughters of Destiny, etc
The following lyrics are from the earliest version (1901) of the script that developed into the 1903 Broadway Wizard of Oz. If music was written for them, it doesn't seem to survive. No evidence exists to suggest they were performed.

Oh, he is the wonderful wizard of Oz,
     The wizard of Oz is he,
There isn’t a juggle can cause him a struggle,
     He’s a marvel of mystery!
He’s practiced in sorcery, magical lore
Is never a pother to him any more,
He’s dazzled and frazzled the jays by the score,
He’s the wonderful wizard of Oz.

     Hear me! Fear me!
     Never dare to queer me,
I’m the greatest necromancer ever was!
     All my deeds with magic reek,
     I’m the whole thing so to speak,
I’m the Wonderful Wizard of Oz!

     Hear him, fear him;
     Never try to queer him,
He’s the greatest necromancer ever was,
     All his deeds with magic reek,
     He’s the whole thing, so to speak,
He’s the wonderful wizard of Oz.

By Ruth Plumly Thompson 
Originally published in the Philadelphia Public Ledger, December 19, 1920. 


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