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By John R. Neill
Author of The Runaway in Oz, The Wonder City of Oz, Lucky Bucky in Oz, etc.

Originally published in the Philadelphia North American, November 17, 1901.

Peace Hath her Victories No Less Renowned than War
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THE FORGETFUL POET The Forgetful Poet 
By Ruth Plumly Thompson 
Originally published in the Philadelphia Public Ledger, December 28, 1919.


The Forgetful Poet

The Forgetful Poet says that you have all had plenty of time to read during the holidays, so he thinks for a change he'll give you some bookish riddles. If you get stuck, hunt up a bookworm.

What Book?

A bird all children know, I think
Will give a book by Maeterlinck.

What Book People?

There are five of them
Named for a seasoning
You'll puzzle this out
Without reasoning.

One of Scott's Characters

We see with the first syllable, move our furniture in the second and work in the garden with the third.

What Book Boy?

A fruit, dears, we have to begin
And part of a fish, yes, it's ------
  And the whole gives a lad,
  More mischievous than bad.
Now perhaps you can fill his name in.

The words the dear chap forgot last week were verse, day, wings and said. [These answers published December 21, 1919.]

[Answers next time.]

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