Thursday, November 26, 2015


By Ruth Plumly Thompson
Author of The Royal Book of Oz, Ozoplaning with the Wizard in Oz, and The Wish Express, etc.

Pictures by Charles J. Coll

Originally published in the Philadelphia Public Ledger, September 7, 1919.

Oh once or twice, which e’er you please,
There sailed the mill pond main
A pirate troll—who took his toll
From rich and poor and plain!

The villagers of Lilypond,
The turtles, frogs, and elves
Kept fast at home and stored their treasure
On their highest shelves.

But now and then, they had to cross
The pond to get supplies,
And one day Tom Thumb Frog set out
To fetch some cooking flies.

Before his boat was half across,
That buccaneering troll
Had seized him, Tommy's watch and chairn
And new green suit he stole!

"Now you shall walk the plank!" he cried,
Tom did, and forthwith sank,
But coming up quite merrily,
Made faces from the bank.
The troll had also caught a duck,
He tried to hang the bird,
It just flew up and snapped the rope,
How perfectly absurd!
That night we find the little troll
A-writing in his log.
"You cannot hang a bird, I fear,
Nor can you drown a frog!"
                              (Well it's a good thing.)

By Ruth Plumly Thompson
Originally published in the Philadelphia Public Ledger, April 25, 1920.

The Puzzle Corner

Of course, the great American national game mentioned last week was baseball and the missing words filled in by baseball terms were: foul, fan, bat, pitcher, base and ball.

The Forgetful Poet has been down on an old friend’s farm and he wants to know whether you can fill in his verses with the proper implements and farm terms.


Ahem, let’s see now what I know.
The bard sat down, ahem! What -----
An idea I must have to make
A story; my poor brains I’ll -----.

Of ink and paper he’d a -----.
With ----- in hand he watched the clock.
His brows drawn up, his eyelids narrowing,
To think at all is simply -----.

The ideas came to him in snatches
Some old, some new, he quickly -----
Them together; then out -----
A dandy plot. At once he stops.

[Answers next time.]

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